Housing crisis and London

Out now, a short version, focussing on London, of Michael Edwards’ Foresight report on housing.  It appears in CITY as part of a special feature on the London Housing Crisis and its Activisms, edited by Paul Watt and Anna Minton. The paper can be downloaded as a publisher’s free PDF  here   A copy of the paper as finally approved for publication can be downloaded free here: Edwards Housing crisis and London April 2016 It’s a single-column format and thus better for reading on a device than the publisher’s 2-column version.

Also here is a slide show about this paper, prepared for the conference London housing crisis and its activisms, held by City with Birkbeck and UEL in Stratford on 23 April 2016 Edwards HSG ldn CITYs    Hashtag for that event #LondonCrisis

Also out: Michael Edwards, The housing crisis: too difficult or a great opportunity? Soundings Issue 62: Alternatives to neoliberalism and the whole journal issue is at https://www.lwbooks.co.uk/soundings/62

If you have comments, please make them here, though hardly anyone ever does this. We live in hope.

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